In the beginning, there was the kitchen. A place and an idea about it. How and for whom we will cook.
And now, here is the cuisine. A bowl of ingredients, that we have ever and anywhere tasted:
Roasted leg of a lamb from Beskydy, which reminds us of cochinillo lechal in Girona. Home rabbit like the first one we had on Brunello in Montalcino. Turbot “just caught from the ocean,” with the scent of Indian curry. Prawns and octopus according to old Galician recipes. Chicken from Brittany.
Local and wild venison sausages and sheep cheese.
Fluffy green herbs, memories cooked, moments shared.. with guests, with friends.
Between fences, we cook one fresh meal every day. We will share the actual one with you before you arrive.
We will also offer you homemade ice creams and sorbets, and our cellar which offers a rich selection of wines.
/ Petr and Daniela Jr.

I am looking into the grass as if it was the sea. Rather the bottom of the pot than a mountain of papers. I have changed the years in the city for every moment in the countryside. Office for kitchen. I am learning how to cook from famous and infamous chefs. And I only cook what I like. Every evening one fresh meal, like at home. I buy products from the neighbours and in the village. That is not how I have pictured my life and I really like it./ Petr

Turbot, sea bass, sea bream - we buy the fish in the morning, bake it
on a bed of vegetables, with fresh herbs.
We love the Mediterranean style.

Pork chop with chorizo salad or mushroom risotto. Pork pluma steak with dill pesto. Unconventional meat cuts
and combinations excite us.

Nothing pleases like a chicken from grandma - slowly roasted on clarified butter and fresh marjoram, with potato purée and iceberg lettuce with speck.

mezi plutky